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Movie Trap

Posted by Doug Routledge on

 Movies are something that should never fool us. I was just fooled by one the other night. The title is Sole Survivor. Sole. As in only. In spite of this title spoiler, by around one hour and ten minutes into the film, choppers come to the rescue of the two men caught by the Taliban. Two. Guys. About to be rescued. With 50 minutes left in the film, I let my emotions celebrate for a second and BAM! the movie crushed my happy moment. It's my bad. 

If you go to a horror movie about a deserted house, you can count on it not ending with the cute couple buying the house and fixing it up for their kids. Everybody but one is GOING TO DIE! Don't be fooled by the happy bonding moment or the love story. BTW... no one falls in love in a deserted house by being trapped in a closet together. 

“Chick flicks,” set you up to cry. Superhero movies are designed for you to cheer. Sports films make you rout for the hero and war movies manipulate you to sadness. Don't get fooled. 

Faith is like movies. There are formulas God has established and highlighted. I believe that we could potentially rename the book of Proverbs, “If You Do Stupid Things, You Can Expect Horrible Results.” 

In life, if a person pets the dog, baring its teeth on a chain, or dates the girl with the rep, or tries to live their life independently of God, they should expect surprisingly consistent results.  It is what it is. Don't be surprised.

Movies are guided tours through the highlights of a story. So is jealousy. I have found myself becoming jealous before, only to realize I have a sense of entitlement when it comes to your results. I am never jealous of your process, and in fact, I do not even ask what your path was. I want the good life without the sacrifice, struggle or opposition- the very pieces which created the fiber it took to succeed. I determine, based on a limited knowledge, that the life of the one I envy is more important than the life for which God has given and equipped me. Jealousy is a criticism of God himself.

We have been walking through many of 59 “One Another’s” in scripture at CRF this year. Recently, we have been spending time on the ways that we are torn apart. Envy and jealousy are one of the easiest tools Satan has in his bag. 

The very second I take my eyes off of Jesus is the same moment that I find envy… waiting… lurking… causing dissatisfaction. 

Galations 5:26 “Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying each other.”

I don’t need to watch your life with jealousy. I’m living the greater story that God has given only to me. When my life movie is played, I hope that it will be a part comedy, part feel-good, part epic and part documentary. It will only show me for a brief second, because I am not the star. All cameras should be focused on Christ. We’ll call it, “Faithful!” This way, no one will be surprised by the ending.


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