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Doug Routledge



Doug Routledge founded Crossroads Farm with his wife Dawn in the Spring of 1999. It is his heart, his mind-share and his passion. He considers himself a lifetime youth worker. He has spoken across the country to colleges, churches, festivals, conferences, civic organizations and camps. He is perhaps best known for his slightly sideways take on stories we have heard forever.

Doug is a published illustrator and author of an award winning children’s book, Waking The World, as well as the ARMS Training, Servant Leadership Series. His greatest joy is to equip youth workers for the ministry to rural teenagers. His love for kids and God’s Word come together in everything that he does.

When he is not directing Crossroads Farm, he enjoys all sports (a multiple sport college athlete), hunting the illusive Michigan Whitetail, reading (his library is home to over 3000 volumes), playing guitar, harmonica or riding his bike. He considers it as his favorite role in life as husband to a beautiful wife and father to three incredible daughters, Madison, Raegan and Lauren.

Don’t ask him for his favorite color, food, musical artist, book or movie. He can’t decide. He did decide that the verse that he claims as his is 2 Thessalonians 1:11,12.

“With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may make you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith. We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Dawn Routledge

Director of Operations

Office: 517-283-3982

Dawn is passionate for Jesus Christ and desires, in fact begs Him, to use Doug and her every day that they live, with all that they have, for the rest of their lives. Reaching rural youth for Christ, through the vehicle of Crossroads Farm, is the outpouring that Dawn shares with her luscious husband of 24 years. It is their pride and joy to watch God unfold their three most lovely daughters Madison, Raegan and Lauren as they pursue a life lived for Him.

If you were to ask Dawn about the journey of Crossroads Farm, she'd tell you she's more of a destination girl. The difficulty of the journey of Crossroads Farm far exceeded anything she and Doug anticipated when they started this wild faith founding in 1999. Dawn's favorite words in the Bible are "Yet" and "But God." She knows there is exceedingly, abundantly more than she and Doug could ask or think both behind and before us in this ministry. They are humbled by all that God has and will allow them to see, and pray toward all the things they won't see on this side of heaven.

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Bert Spalding

Director of RCI Pastoral Care


Albert ("Bert") Spalding's job at CRF is simple: encourage the pastors. Bert is, among other things, an educator, ethicist, attorney, certified public accountant, and philosopher. But his main job description at Crossroads Farm is to facilitate fellowship, discipleship and, on occasion, theological discussions among the Rural Church Initiative (RCI) pastors.  Usually this takes the form of bi-weekly round-table discussions that allow pastors to share spiritual and pastoral concerns and as well as "real world" challenges that they face from day to day.

Bert is an associate professor at legal studies and ethics at the Mike Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University in Detroit, and also serves as an adjunct faculty member and course developer in the Bible department at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA. He developed Geneva's apologetics course and also its course on Old Testament wisdom literature. He also teaches adult Bible classes (and serves as an elder) at his home church, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Roseville, Michigan.  Although he has retired from the practice of law, he continues to conduct regional and national seminars and webinars on legal and ethical issues to professional groups and at corporate training sessions (e.g., Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan).

Bert also gets to encourage and assist his wife, Nancy, who is on the board of Crossroads Farm and serves as its treasurer. Bert and Nancy are blessed with two children (both married) and one grandchild (with another grandchild on the way). They enjoy their lake front condo at Wamplers Lake (Brooklyn, Michigan), which is situated halfway between Crossroads Farm and their home in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. Bert's blog is at

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Joe Castaneda

Regional Ministry Director, CRF Northwest


The Castañeda’s journey to Crossroads Farm began as a trek very much NOT toward CRF. As a west coast family, Joe and Traci always thought their ministry would be connected to their geographical roots, and NW Michigan had never been on their radar until…

Joe grew up in Oregon and Traci was born and raised in Washington state. The two met in high school, and both felt God’s call in their lives toward full-time Christian service. Joe had always felt a pull toward youth ministry and when he completed college with a youth ministry degree in 1995, he began work at small Christian camp in NW Washington. After Traci finished school the following year, the two were wed in December of 1996 and began a youth pastorate in Seattle.

After four years, the Lord moved them back to Salem, Oregon where they had met, and they began a 12+ year youth ministry at Bethany Baptist Church, a stretch of time that would see all three of their children born. Toward the end of that season of ministry, God opened a door for the family to move to NW Michigan to begin work at a large Christian camp, a place that Joe thought he could invest the next 20-25 years of his life serving students. But God’s plans were much bigger and much different than he imagined.

After just two years, the camp position ended abruptly and the Lord led Joe and Traci’s to Kalkaska, a town they had not known prior to 6 months before being let go from the camp. A year of healing and uncertainty culminated in the Castañeda family being established in this rural town, and while Joe readily admits to being a city boy, he and Traci quickly embraced their new community and saw first hand the heartache that was impacting students and families throughout the county. But they were both still wondering about the crazy path on which God had placed them.

A year into their new life, there was a God-orchestrated encounter with Doug and Dawn Routledge. WIth them, Joe and Traci found kindred hearts for ministry and finally a little glimpse of the reason behind God’s plan to move them from family and friends on the west coast, to the rural communities of NW Michigan. Today they are thrilled to be planting the first Crossroads Farm ministry extension in NW Michigan, and are looking forward to having a front row seat to God’s plans for this ministry to reach deep into the heart of teenagers all across Rural America.

Joe and Traci have been married since 1996, have been in full-time youth ministry their whole marriage, and have three amazing Children: AJ (graduated in ’19), Bethany (graduates in ’21) and Celina (graduates in ’24). They love doing ministry together and have hosted and co-taught in many different venues for marriage retreats and couples classes. Joe loves to preach and has traveled the country preaching to high school and middle school students at camps, events, and conferences for over 20 years. Their passion is to see students become followers of Christ who are able to share Christ and disciple their peers. They love the vision and audacious faith-based goal of Crossroads Farm.

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Jerry Bernard

Regional Administrative Director, CRF Northwest

Office: 517-283-2982

Jerry’s journey to Crossroads Farm started at a small camp in the upper peninsula of Michigan called Hiawatha Youth Camp. It was there that Jerry met his wife and first heard about Crossroads Farm. After graduating from college with a math degree, Jerry and Andrea moved to Coldwater, Michigan where he started teaching math and physics at the local high school and volunteering as a Coach at Crossroads Farm. After six years of volunteering, Jerry felt God leading him to work at Crossroads fulltime. Upon receiving confirmation through listening prayer and completing the support raising process, Jerry began working for Crossroads Farm in 2013 where he continued to find new ways to combine his math and science brain with his love and passion for reaching students. 

Staff at Crossroads Farm have affectionately referred to Jerry as the queso guy, or in real speak “K, So….”. This title came as a result of Jerry’s willingness to fill any hole, wear any hat, and always ask the “how are we going to make that happen” questions. He has worked in many areas from providing facility maintenance, to enhancing the corn maze, to running sound, to leading ministry partner development, to his newest hat- serving as the Administrative Director at Crossroads Farm NW. In November of 2017, Jerry and Andrea moved again, this time with their three (now four) children, back to the area where he grew up. Jerry’s love for students has never faded and he is thrilled to be back home reaching his peers’ kids with the Gospel of Christ. 

Jerry serves with his beautiful wife and their four children- Alexis, Justice, Gabrielle, and Elizabeth. Jerry is committed to living a life of sincerity and integrity, a conviction he’s carried since he accepted Christ in 1995. Jerry enjoys making puns, fishing with his kids, and eating Little Debbie snacks for lunch!

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Luke Marshall

Regional Ministry D.I.T., CRF South Central


Luke Marshall first felt his call to ministry in high school when his youth pastor challenged him to lead a small group Bible study. He fell in love with teaching and sharing The Word with his friends in that Bible study. He decided he wanted to further his knowledge of the Word and pursue youth ministry by attending Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky. He attended from 2011 until he graduated 2016, with his Bachelor of Arts In Biblical and Theological Studies. 

During college he interned at Farmdale Baptist Church for the first two years and was a youth minister at the church for the final three years, resigning in 2016.  He then took a job preforming audio testing for a company called Examinetics. Roughly six months after starting this new job away from ministry, he received an unexpected phone call from CRF's President, Doug Routledge. Doug had heard from another minister that Luke had long desired to be in youth ministry. Doug shared the vision of Crossroads Farm for rural youth, and following a handful of visits and much prayer and counsel, Luke began his journey to become a missionary with Crossroads Farm. By the grace of God and the generosity of his wonderful supporters, he was able to move to Michigan, April of 2019. Luke intends to work and train at the South Central Branch of Crossroads with the intention of planting another branch of Crossroads Farm near his home in Harrison County, OH.

Luke’s hobbies include sports, lifting weights and really anything that allows him to compete. He also enjoys watching the occasional show on Netflix, starting campfires to roast marshmallows, and listening to music at high volumes. His current favorite passage of Scripture is Isaiah 6, which he reads often to be reminded of God's grace and call upon his life.

Nancy McNeil

Office Manager/Finance


Nancy is a wife, mom, grandma, military veteran, missionary, survivor, redeemed sinner and Jesus lover…and not necessarily in that order, either. 

Nancy first met Jesus when she was 13 while at a church camp.  Her journey towards fulfilling her God-given calling started that day, even if she had no idea what was in store.  After graduating high school, she enlisted in the U. S. Navy where she discovered a passion for numbers, organization, and office products.  She left the military in 2004 and soon found herself missing the joy of working towards something bigger than herself. 

God fulfilled that desire by bringing her to work at Crossroads Farm a part time bookkeeper in 2005.  She quickly fell in love with the ministry and the way its staff and volunteers loved and invested in teens.  It was no surprise that Nancy eventually added the role of Coach (an adult mentor/volunteer) working with middle school girls.  In 2011, Nancy transitioned away from Crossroads, but only temporarily.

In 2015, God called her as a full-time missionary with Crossroads Farm.  Nancy says, “There was no one on the face of the earth more surprised than I when God called.  It was something I’d never thought would happen.  Yet, looking back on my life, I can’t imagine ever doing anything different.”  Nancy serves as Office Manager and Accounting Associate for CRF’s National Office, handling all finances in accordance with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability standards (ECFA).  She also serves as a volunteer in the organization, working with a small group/Carecell, of middle school girls

Nancy and her husband, Chuck, have been married for 26 years, live in Coldwater, MI, and have 4 grown children, two of whom grew up as Crossroads Farm kids.  Their oldest, Andrew, and his wife, Rochelle, live in Washington with their four adorable offspring: Cora, Saylah, Judah and Boaz.  Joe and his wife, Karen, also live in Washington.  Cullen, 23, is serving a second tour in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Devlin, 19, is pursuing a BS in Nursing at Bethel College. 

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Rich Carpenter

Visual Communications Associate


Rich is a homegrown missionary.  While attending Spring Arbor University, Rich joined the Crossroads Farm team as a Leadteam Coach (an adult mentor) in the Fall of 2000.  In his early years of volunteering he picked up a camera from a yard sale and discovered a passion of photography, which came in very handy for documenting ministry at CRF.  During his internship at CRF, from 2004-2006, a co-worker taught him how to use a couple Adobe programs and Rich took over the design of Down on the Farm: The Quarterly Newsletter of Crossroads Farm.  It was in this process that he discovered his dream job: the combination of working with teens, photography, and graphic design, all in one ministry.  

 Today, Rich is a husband to Michelle and a father of two boys, Luke and Ryan.  In his free time he enjoys spending time with Michelle, playing with his boys, and roasting coffee.  

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Katrina Wilson

Branch Communications Associate


Katrina Wilson first discovered Crossroads Farm at the end of her freshman year at Hillsdale College. While attending for music performance (in which she would go on to get her bachelors), Katrina knew she was called into ministry, and just didn’t know the exact avenue it would take. Then another student mentioned the ministry of Crossroads Farm. From the first email describing the mission and vision to the first conversation with Dawn to her first night with students, it didn’t take long for Katrina to fall in love with the ministry. After graduation, Katrina raised support and went from volunteering to working with Crossroads full time. While she came in expecting to hang out with students all the time (haha), she discovered a beauty, joy and ability in administration. The specific tasks of her role are ever changing, but she’s excited to see how God continues to stretch, grow, and direct her passions and gifts.

Katrina and her husband, Nathan, married in August of 2016. Fun facts, Nathan proposed at a Crossroads Farm program night and worked at Crossroads as professional staff for two years. Nathan and Katrina enjoy creating safe spaces, hanging out with students, serving others, reading copious amounts of books, playing games, and obsessing over puppy videos (ok, only Katrina does that). They started their marriage serving together in ministry and look forward to growing together and serving God in whatever avenues he calls.


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Jake Monroe

Maintenance Associate, CRF South Central


Jake attended Crossroads Farm as a student in the early 2000s. He left the area in 2004 to attend Clarks Summit University in Pennsylvania to become a youth pastor. He met his wife Faith and grew to understand his gifts were in service and craftsmanship.

In 2012 God lead Jake and Faith back to Reading, Michigan and blessed them with two sons Isaac and Titus. Jake reconnected with Doug and Dawn Routledge after attending the same church and was reminded of Crossroads Farm. After helping during a program night, Jake sought out staff members and began praying about joining the staff full time.

In 2017 Jake left his traditional job driving truck and began the support process to become the maintenance associate at Crossroads Farm South Central.

Leigh Ann Swihart

Program Associate, CRF South Central


Leigh Ann grew up in rural Concord, Michigan. Although Christ wasn’t a big part of her family’s life, she had always had a private relationship with Him. It wasn’t until after college that she committed her life to Christ; and her parents followed shortly thereafter.

Playing and coaching sports has always been a central part of Leigh Ann’s life. She started coaching volleyball at the age of 19 and had a strong tug on her heart to impact youth through athletics. She loved watching them grow and make better decisions because someone believed in them. Leigh Ann coached young women, ages high school through college, in volleyball for 20 years. 

Roughly three years ago, God placed on Leigh Ann’s heart a desire to work with youth through direct ministry and in a chain of events only God can orchestrate called her to Crossroads Farm. Leigh Ann is amazed to be called to work with youth not only in the place where she and her husband grew up but also where their three kids are currently growing up and involved. She is excited to see what God has in store for this generation of rural youth.

Leigh Ann and her husband, Scott, have been married for 15 years. They live in Liberty Township with their three amazing children Danni (14), Drew (12) and Ford (8).


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Carrie Olson

Program Associate, CRF South Central


Carrie grew up in Central Oregon before moving to the Eastern Shore of Virginia during her gap year between high school and college. During her time in Virginia, she started volunteering with youth ministry for the first time. She loved investing in students and being a part of a team that was committed to seeing those students know the love of Jesus. After her time in Virginia, Carrie moved to Michigan to pursue her bachelor’s degree at Hillsdale College.

It is no surprise that when Carrie was looking for a place to serve during college that she was drawn to another youth ministry: Crossroads Farm. Carrie started to volunteer with Crossroads in the spring of 2016 as a Leadteam Coach. She was impressed by the model of ministry, the dedication of the volunteers and staff, and fell in love with the community, especially her Care Cell of girls. What was surprising was that after serving Crossroads all four years of college, Carrie felt God telling her that she wasn’t finished there yet.

Carrie graduated from Hillsdale College this May and is currently in the process of raising support to come back to Michigan and continue ministry. Carrie enjoys connecting with people, helping them connect with each other, baking, planning parties, playing games, and showing hospitality. When she is in Michigan, Carrie misses her family and mountain sunsets, but she is thrilled that she will be working full-time to serve a ministry that she cares so much about and to see firsthand more lives changed.  

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